We are buidling interfaces for the open source financial system

Balance began life as a side project in 2016 to make a beautiful interface for money. We launched our first macOS app in 2017. We then started thinking about adding support for digital currencies. After releasing a prototype we raised a round of crowdfunding.

In 2018, we shipped a web app for interacting with popular Ethereum wallets called Balance Manager. We are now focused on creating a great iOS wallet for storing tokens and interacting with dapps. The core team is supported by a growing number of short-term paid contractors on GitCoin and open source contributors on GitHub.

Jin Chung
Christian Baroni
Richard Burton
Mike Demarais

Jin Chung

Engineer | @jinrummie

Jin worked at UBS building trading tools for structured products before joining Hacker School, where she met Richard. Then she worked on machine learning infrastructure at eBay.

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Some of the articles, videos, podcasts from the communtiy talking about us and the team.

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Anyone can contribute code on GitHub or time on Spectrum.


Studio address:

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Registered address:

548 Market St #90291
San Francisco, California 94104